Meyer Turku Veturi Program – International Seminar on Industrial Metaverse and Technology Enablers

We kindly invite you to participate in our International Seminar on Industrial Metaverse and Technology Enablers. In this seminar, we will focus especially on searching for answers to next questions: Why is the industrial metaverse becoming popular as the first application area? What are the main technology enablers that we plan to use in the near future? The seminar will be organized as part of the Virtual Training Certification and Necoverse projects coordinated by Turku University of Applied Sciences and Dimecc. These projects are a part of Meyer Turku’s NEcOLEAP Veturi program, which aims to develop a climate-neutral cruise ship concept by 2025. In Necoverse, new collaboration tools are being developed for the Meyer shipyard, which improve energy efficiency in training, commissioning, planning, operation, and maintenance.

The future of virtual training will happen inside metaverse which will enable collaboration in an immersive virtual environment. You can find the seminar program and the registration link here: We look forward to meet you on March 6th.


12:00 Opening of the seminar, Honorable Douglas T. Hickey, Ambassador of the United States to the Republic of Finland

12:05 Keynote 1: RXRM As The Technology Enabler for Industrial Metaverse, Director (Head of Multimedia Technologies) Ville-Veikko Mattila, Nokia Technologies

12:35 NEcOLeap locomotive ecosystem, Ecosystem Lead Ilkka Rytkölä Meyer Turku

12:55 Objectives and achievements in Necoverse and VTC projects, Senior Advisor Timo Haavisto (VTC) and Senior Advisor Merja Mäkelä (Necoverse), Turku University of Applied Sciences

13:25 Nvidia Omniverse – Experiences of the first customer cases in Finland, Nordic Lead – Intelligent Edge Teemu Nordman. Accenture

13:45 Coffee break, demonstrations

14:30 Building The Digital Platform for Meyer, Solution Owner David Thomson, ALFRED Maritime GmbH

15:00 UWB Positioning – Enabling high accuracy indoor position in industrial metaverse solutions, CEO Tuukka Tarkiainen, Noccela

15:20 Change Management and Collaborative Design in Construction Industry, CEO Tony Lindqvist, Collaprime

15:40 Digital Immersive Life, Program director Sanni Siltanen, Business Finland

16:00 Sparkling wine, snacks and demonstrations

Draft, all information subject to change