The HXRC Network

Great news for XR providers, customers and partners! To support the XR ecosystem, Helsinki XR Center has released a new networking platform: the HXRC Network! The primary purpose of this network is to to fill the gap between XR providers and customers in Finland (and around the world!). With over 150 organizations and almost 350 members already on board, HXRC Network is certainly off to a flying start!

FOR XR PROVIDERS: Find new contacts within the XR ecosystem Promote your organization and solutions Write offers and requests for your needs Share news about your project/organization Start conversations about XR & emerging tech related topics FOR CUSTOMERS & PARTNERS: Find talents and solutions within the XR ecosystem Write offers and requests for your needs Read news and updates of what is happening in the XR field Start conversations with XR & emerging tech professionalsSo what are you waiting for — join the HXRC Network already today!

Read the HXRC Network introductory article: